Gradient Dissent

Summary of Dissent

The neural network and GPT technologies that power current artificial intelligence are exceptionally error prone, deceptive, poorly understood, and dangerous. They are widely used without adequate safeguards in situations where they cause increasing harms. They are not inevitable, and we should replace them with better alternatives.

Gradient Dissent is divided into three chapters, plus an epilogue.

Gradient Dissent is a companion document for Better without AI. It goes into more detail than some readers would want, so I have separated it out from the main book. It also is self-contained, and you can read it on its own, if you are more interested in the technologies themselves than in the ways they may interact with society (the main book’s topic).

Reading Gradient Dissent requires no specific technical background. It neither assumes you know how neural networks work, nor does it contain an introductory explanation that would get you up to speed. You can understand it without knowledge of those details. If you run into technical bits that seem difficult, you can skim or skip over them without missing much.