My thanks to the generous people who contributed to this work in diverse ways!

This book was prompted and encouraged by funding from the Future Fund Regranting Program. The opinions expressed in it are not necessarily those of the funders, nor of anyone apart from the author, who is solely responsible for errors.

For helpful comments on drafts, and/or other assistance, I thank: Matt Arnold, Charlie Awbery, Gary Basin, Lisa Baues, Gwern Branwen, Tim Converse, Damek Davis, @lumpenspace, @lumpthought, David MacIver, Jake Orthwein, @pachabelcanon, Meredith L. Patterson, Barath Raghavan, St. Rev. Dr. Rev, José Luis Ricón, Josh Rosenberg, Penni Sibun, Kaj Sotala, @strikehigherkey, Lucy Suchman, Anna Ulbricht, Linas Vepstas, Weird AI Luncheon Berlin (rikard hjort, nick stares, Sean j, fey.chu), and several people who prefer not to be named. Many others have been helpful in Twitter conversations; I apologize for not tracking those.

Super extra thanks to @lumpenspace for proposing major, necessary rethinkings of the book’s audience, purpose, structure and contents; and for detailed comments on 239 drafts.