This is about you

You are not the monomaniacal monster rationalism imagines you as.
You are almost perfectly dissimilar to “an intelligent agent.”

What you want is nebulous and context-dependent.
You know better than to go on a quest in search of an ultimate goal.
Discovering what you like is a never-ending path of opening to possibility.

Since you have no fixed purpose, conformity is out of the question.
You participate whole-heartedly in inseparable nebulosity and pattern.

you do not have an “objective function”
you do not have “values”
you do not have an “ethical framework”
your activity is not the result of “planning” or “deciding”

these are all malign rationalist myths
they make you miserable when you take them seriously

you are reflexively accountable to reality
    not to your representations of it
your beneficent activity arises
    as spontaneous appreciative responsiveness