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QAnon and Black Lives Matter

Leonie 2023-02-18

It worries me to see you blindly „not take sides“ both here and in the „transsexual wombats“ chapter.

On one side, minorities oppressed through the decades and even centuries. On the other side, believers of conspiracy nonsense.

Why would you ever find it okay to put these next to each other as if there was a neutral middle ground between them?

Your „not taking sides“ is, in fact, taking sides with the oppressors.

What Leonie Said.

Carl Royce 2024-01-18

QAnon on the one hand and Back Lives Matter on the other??

That’s some lazy thinking.

Vaster than ideology

David Chapman 2024-01-18

I’ll refer you to “Vaster than ideology.”

A vast Meaning mess.

Carl 2024-01-18

Empathy is not ‘Eternalism’.

Empathy, ideology, and institutions

David Chapman 2024-01-19

Empathy is also not an ideology, and vice versa. And an ideology is not an organized popular movement, nor the institutions that do the organizing.

One can share the feelings that make QAnon and BLM attractive while rejecting the ideologies, disagreeing with the specifics, and condemning the organizations that promote them.

In fact, as far as I can tell, a substantial majority of Americans do share both sets of feelings that motivate QAnon and BLM, and a substantial majority of Americans reject both their specific claims.

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