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Nikita 2023-02-25

Linux will be better than Mac from security standpoint? (certainly better than Windows) I’ve been using Ubuntu for a while and it’s fine. However, it’s not an option for most people, because it requires using terminal and sometimes coding. However, for reasonably smart people willing to learn it’s great.

Consumer Reports put together a digital security planner

Diane 2023-03-09

Relatively recently Consumer Reports put together a security planner intended for use by “typical end users”.

It asks some questions about what kinds of technology you use and then offers targeted recommendations. It looks like they worked some with the EFF, but aiming more for regular people instead of the EFF’s guide which was more for higher risk people like journalists, activists or sysadmins.

Consumer Reports security planner

David Chapman 2023-03-19

Oh, that’s great, thank you! I’ve added it as the first in my list of additional resources. Much more user-friendly than the alternatives.

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