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modalities allergy

lvx_15 2023-02-16

“reasoning about different transportation modalities”
how about “reasoning about different means of transportation”

I’m allergic to the word “modalities” based on how it has been used in the New Age movement for the last 40 years.

I know its a silly comment - maybe it strikes no one else the way it hits me - I won’t bring it up again. :)

Enjoying the book - many thanks!

means of transportation

David Chapman 2023-02-16

Thank you—that was helpful! You are right, “modalities” is cant. I’ve changed it as you suggested.

Daemon by Daniel Suarez illustrates this point

Danyl Strype 2024-01-16

The novel Daemon by Daniel Suarez is an excellent illustration of your point on this page. Unlike most sci fi stories about murderous AI, Daemon takes place in a near future Earth just like ours, not a far future or fantastical setting (eg one with superheroes).

More to the point, it doesn’t posit that the AI villain has any kind of self-awareness or intentions. It has a limited ability to take control of other automated systems, and to adapt when its attempts to pursue its pre-programmed goals are thwarted. But it needs no mindness to be dangerous, just an carefully designed automated system, following goals and a rough plan given to it by its creator.