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GPT and other-minds cognition

SusanC 2023-02-13

GPT is already at the point where the easiest way to reason about it is to use our other-minds cognition.

Sure, I know that it’s actually doing linear algebra in a high-dimensional space. I sometimes make use of this knowledge, e.g. when I’m trying to create a test case where it will do something very different from a person

But in the majority of cases … the easiest approach is to ask, if this character that GPT is currently simulation was a person, what would they be feeling? i.e. assume that its emulation of human beings is reasonably accurate, so you can use your existing methods for dealing with people.

concrete limits of AI

Na 2023-03-31

Here’s an argument making a specific claim about limits of AI that doesn’t turn on weasel words. I’ve made a prediction market to get people to discuss it.

What do you think about it?

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