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Possible typo, tree villages and avoiding the cybersewer

Danyl Strype 2024-02-02

Possible typo;

we live their fragmented, irrational, incoherent wreckage.

Did you mean “we live in”? It does make sense the way it’s written, and maybe this poetic turn of phrase was intentional. But it did trip me up when I read that passage.

Treehouses. Even treehouse “cities” like Lothlorien.

OMG yes! When I was a child I was fascinated by the treetop village of the Ewoks in Return of the Jedi. Then as a teenager, by a similar one in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.

Sarah Constantin tweeted a remarkable thread of several dozen “things I’d like to see more of.”

Thanks for including a sample of these in the body of the text. It’s amazing how often people still link to Xitter posts and threads as if they were still part of the open web, visible to anyone who clicks the links.

Sadly I can no longer read Sarah’s thread without logging into Xitter, something I can do, but prefer not to. Anyone who’s deleted their account, in protest at the enshittification of the platform, doesn’t have that option. Had I not set up an account years ago to echo my posts to the fediverse (from a GNU social then a Mastodon account), I wouldn’t even have the option of spelunking in that cybersewer, looking at the diamonds in the rough. Encouraging people to do that is probably best avoided, for reasons discussed in this very book.

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